0.86 Official 2×2 Single! technology 0.999

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Great way to start 2020 haha ​​Thanks to Max Siuaws Live stream for the video! Scramble: R’U2 F’R2 U’R’U’R’F U2 F Try white with the bar on the left Solution: R’U2 R2 U ‘R’ U’6 moves lol Sponsored by CANcube! Cube: Maple 251 M If you would like to buy any of these cubes in this video or any other cubes make sure to use code “kvscuber” for 5% off your order at cancube .ca! If you use my code it would help me out a lot! 🙂 If you are new to my videos I would really like it if you subscribe and turn on post notifications so you will always be updated on all my new videos! leave a like on this video if you enjoyed it! Use discount code “kvscuber” to get 5% off all your orders from CANcube.ca! Sponsored by CANcube! Here are their social medias! Their Store: Instagram: Youtube: My Instagram: kvs_cuber

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0.86 Official 2×2 Single!

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#Official #2×2 #Single
0.86 Official 2×2 Single!
technology 0.999
あなたはここですべての有用な情報を見ることができます: ここでもっと見る
あなたはここですべての有用な情報を見ることができます: ここでもっと見る

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