Mortal Online 2 Red Priest Remove Community Discussion 4K And Henrik Explains Why they did that mortal online 2 make money

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The whole Mortal Online 2 Community was discussing the red preist changes of star vault. The MMORPG had many balance changes over the years but this one changes actually alot it seem minor but it has a big impact on the game and on the people. So this hot topic get alot of people frustrated or alot of people like it. Mentioned in the Video: Guides and Tutorials List: Mortal Online 2 Forum: Why does Sv Hate PVP players: Red Priest Changes: Poll to revert priest Changes: Timestamps: 0: 00 Intro 0:06 Background Info about red priests 0:36 Mortal Online 2 Forums 0:50 Threads about the Red Priest Changes 1:20 What many from the Community maybe think 1:40 Poll Results of Murder Priests 2:08 Henrik Explains why they removed the Priests 5:01 How it was in Mortal Online 1 6:45 Where are Murder Priests and where a blue priests 7:45 Conclusion and please leave your opinion in the comments 8:00 New Supporter Yra the Notebook Killer 8:09 Thanks to all Supporters 8:32 Outro Thumbnail Wallpapers: More Information about Mortal Online 2: Support the content: Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Instagram: My Patreon: My Website: Merchandise Shop: Please leave any feedback and suggestions. #RedPriests #PVP #Community Special thanks for Supporting the Channel on Patreon or on the Youtube Membership Programm: Carmel (The Dragonslayer), Professor Oh (Wisdom Streamer), Wahlberg (G Streamer), SlumF_Gaming (The Twitcher), Yra (The Notebook Killer) The Spicy Gentleman, Thibni (The Oghmium Maker), Donski , Vinya, Rhonus, Paarthurnax, Dillon Wood, erutcipgnievom, skibba5000, Pupuc.

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Mortal Online 2 Red Priest Remove Community Discussion 4K And Henrik Explains Why they did that

Mortal Online 2 Red Priest Remove Community Discussion 4K And Henrik Explains Why they did that

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Mortal Online 2 Red Priest Remove Community Discussion 4K And Henrik Explains Why they did that
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BlueMonday 27/02/2022 - 5:36 Chiều

Man, why you say you don't know if its good or bad?, when its obvious its good, the proof is MO1, PVP abuse is what killed that game, who wants to get into a game when you have ZERO chance to progress? and also listen to teenagers mocking you in the process?… NOBODY, and this comes from a person who loves PVP by the way

Paul D 27/02/2022 - 5:36 Chiều

Shit game now pvp is the salt he needed now its a piece of shit

K X 27/02/2022 - 5:36 Chiều

i support the idea of curbing toxic behavior thats bad for the game. However, i dont play anymore because my guild has lost interest due to the time gate for dying. PVP isnt worth it anymore, and playing as a pacifist isnt fun.

Epitaph 1978 27/02/2022 - 5:36 Chiều

PKs are not the problem.. the Problem are PKs that kill new players or ppl that are weaker over and over. TBH this isnt PvP its just sad.. I used to be a PK back in UO and iff i killed a pray and he came back and i see he was a newbie he even got his stuff back.. I want to have cempetition.. else i could play PvE 😉 and being a Murderer hase to have big consequencess.. good change @henrik

Matt Spicer 27/02/2022 - 5:36 Chiều

you dont want to grifers ? remove mounted combat 0 FUCKING MOUNTED ARCHERS AND MAGES there you go just saved the game if you donty want geifers. their is a reason this wolf guy is on horse back killing stuff because its easy

Matt Spicer 27/02/2022 - 5:36 Chiều

yep im at 5 murders and it takes like 6 hours for you to lose 1. this game is legit pve. i cant just be like yea ill fight that guy its like IS IT WORTH IT does he have 100000000 ore on him otherwise no. not how i seen open world pvp tbf

Özgün 27/02/2022 - 5:36 Chiều

you cant talk about "griefing" in sandbox game. mostly every negative karma action must be griefing right? killing pve craft players must be griefing or stealing their stuffs from backpack looting blue corpses etc.. i dont understand what he is talking about? blue players should group up against red players. DONE! simple solution look at the Ultima Online we all missed that kind of sandbox mmo experience.. RP friendship epic battles between citizens vs PKs.. this is the real soul of a sandbox mmo. pushing back the PKs from cities will punish only small groups and solo players both side

Glitchnious 27/02/2022 - 5:36 Chiều

I can understand why this was in place but it feels like it is being balanced more towards noobs/non-PvPers.

Sure I have some complaints about it, but this just means red players should still have a way to play. We can start by maybe adding more red towns and/or other factions.

I probably would be more content with this decision if the following would happen.

1. Allow us to share our strongholds with guilds.

I don't understand why it is that zerg guilds can take keeps and it is guild shared but a simple stronghold can act like an HQ for smaller guilds is not even an option.

2. Add priests to strongholds/houses.

This would also require limitations on where we can build strongholds (which whatever that is fine). But it allows us to be able to regear ourselves with a proper home in case our reputation gets tanked. Because losing rep and gaining murder counts is definitely easy to do in this game.

3. Start us off with 10 points before we get 0 murder counts or give us 5 murder counts to spare and at least 10 rep to start with.

As mentioned before murder counts is one thing that can be burned off with time but reputation doesn't even give you a warning as to when guards will KOS you and this is bad for new players when they learn the hard way that all they did was PvP with an enemy guild and now they can't even enter a town with no game knowledge on how to get back up and running.

4. More ways to gain rep than just fucking Parcels.

Seriously, let's consider options where it doesn't always involve transferring parcels to other blue towns.

5. More Red towns and/or more options for red friendly open world retreats.

Let's be honest there's only two red towns because we no longer consider Jungle Camp and Cave Camp a red town anymore due to blue priests (which is fucking stupid btw) or allow us to gain rep with bandits so we can enter their bandit camps and trade with them. This also means that people that are blue players with no rep from bandits should get KOSed by them allowing red players to retreat in those camps in a pinch. Perhaps a thieves den, risar camp you can enter, etc etc.

Mega Chill 27/02/2022 - 5:36 Chiều

Only murderers hate the priest change, captain obvious out. Meaningful PVP is meaningful, griefing simply isn't lol. It's almost like the "Elite" of MO doesnt want new people. So yes, good change, stop griefing and make PvP meaningful. You wanna kill naked people, go play rust neckbeard.

Crypto Dali 27/02/2022 - 5:36 Chiều

Definitely a good thing IMO.

Jake B 27/02/2022 - 5:36 Chiều

its honestly crazy to me, i dont understand guilds like content for example, sit outside a city and grief new players…… are they specifically trying to kill the game? happens in all pvp games. its like if you really love a restaurant and love eating there so you decide to sit outside and scream at everyone who wants to come in, people will leave and the restaurant will shut down, hurting you as well as them.

Bryan Clark 27/02/2022 - 5:36 Chiều

There's also a usually a very large majority that's silent about issues and would almost certainly favor the red priests being moved away. Toxic player behavior shortens the life of the game, you need new players to replace the player attrition that typically happens over time for a game. A healthy amount of PVP is best for the game and keep it interesting and not becoming a SIM PVE building game or turning it into a nasty game.

Jepperdy D. 27/02/2022 - 5:36 Chiều

I like the changes.. I'm a semi PK'r myself and I think PKing around blue cities should have hard draw backs. I do hope to get some lawless cities with guards – so these top PK guilds don't just have the red cities for them selves

Cody James 27/02/2022 - 5:36 Chiều

Can you rez at your own house?

Lou Hodo 27/02/2022 - 5:36 Chiều

The red priest changes is fine. People need to learn to adapt.

A M 27/02/2022 - 5:36 Chiều

I like the change. Game should be focused on group pvp, guilds pvp etc. Ganking is still possible, but you can't resurrect everywhere. The game world is huge. It needs more population than MO1. Gankers anyways need more people to gank, so suck it up gankers. You can't have everything.

Failure 27/02/2022 - 5:36 Chiều

Every lawless town should have red priests, 2 red priests on this insanely giant map just makes me not even want to bother with this "full loot pvp sandbox" mmo.
Whats the point in even killing someone when you get hardly anything out of it and its so aggressively punishing. Seems like they're just bending the knee to people begging for this game to be a pve game so they will pay their sub.
Also, all this is going to do is hurt players who play in small groups since big groups / guilds can just revive their friends to send them out to grief people. Really dumb short sighted change that hurts the whole point of the game.

RandomGaming 27/02/2022 - 5:36 Chiều

Henrik translation. We are losing money because people are soft and they are quitting.

Serukka 27/02/2022 - 5:36 Chiều

At first as a pk I was mad. Now after dying a few times and knowing where the priest are im ok with it. Theres are alot more priest around the world now. So dying near a blue town is punishing dying in the open world is less. Also as a above 5 mc player it now requires you to have more game knowledge. Knowing the closest horse spawn or ghost running to a better spot to revive somewhere more ideal.
Also it will make it so that red players make little red villages near these priest. Essentially removing from the town to grief and making you have to actually pk around resources.
The only worry I have is that blue players will avoid pvp wich is the fun in this game. If you are doing a bandit camp and another group shows up you fight for it now they might not cause 1 fight can be 5 mc+ and make your life alot harder.

Overal the main complainers are the ones who want to log in and have some fights. Wich usually means killing pets and ganking noob at graveyard.

Lastly I think its only an early game solution, once the red players have what they need they will just come to the towns to grief anyway. Die gear up at house and come back. Just wont be naked shortie griefing anymore. Afterall being a pk is still the easiest way to get mats and gold, let someone else do it for you….

SgtDoughnut 27/02/2022 - 5:36 Chiều

Red players are finally given consequences to their actions, which in reality boils down to a long walk…and they lose their minds.

This community has some of the most thin skinned pvp players I have ever seen.

Shit like what happened in MO 1, the walling off of MK, constant camping of new players, is the EXACT REASON that new world was changed to a PVE game.

PVP players are some of the most risk averse players I have ever seen.

Enjoy the cardio reds, eventually red priests will be totally removed.

jongtu 27/02/2022 - 5:36 Chiều

Why the hell was Cave Camp Red Priest removed. Absolute joke for hold handing PvErs

Raziel 27/02/2022 - 5:36 Chiều

I’m a PK, I’ve always been in MO1 the same. I still think it’s a great idea. People saying it’s bad are probably the same that would kill the game.

In The Wind 27/02/2022 - 5:36 Chiều

YOu mention the exact reason I quit MO1…Could never get any advancement. As soon as you left town someone took everything. Every time…was not fun….Looking forward to MO2's vision with great hope.

moveit124 27/02/2022 - 5:36 Chiều

Henrik's exact response today is how I felt back when this happened on MO1. Its crazy it took this long and a whole other game… to realize this was a bad mechanic. But I am glad to see it be fixed and maybe we can keep way more of these new players for long term. This game is very unique and I think it has potential… but if we kill off our player base like in MO1 it will just slowly die out and become an extremely niche game like MO1.

I've also been glad to see more people willing to just help in town… I think the playerbase has matured and realizes that keeping every single secret in the game is not a good strategy. Because it alienates parts of the community from being able to progress. I mean today I was in town and someone just talked to me about how he made bows and what materials and percentage sliders… In MO1 good luck getting some random stranger to do that, even in guilds sometimes this info was kept secret.

Love the content, keep it up.

PervasivePeach 27/02/2022 - 5:36 Chiều

If your new to the game I totally see how this change just seems like a blanket good change to punish pvp/griefers. The issue though is that this change doesnt do that. Since there is no way to avoid MC's reliably, this change will punish people who want to remain blue in towns but also PVP. For me for example I like to go grey and initiate fights in meduli on people who. I also want to clarify that having above 5 murdercounts is riddiculously easy (healing my friends in a group fight will give me 5+ mc's in 15 minutes) and that people who are writing off all the complaints as griefers are missing the point.

I will get a murder count killing someone in GK and also a murdercount killing someone in tind graveyard, So why would I ever go far away from town to pvp?
People who are above 5 MC's will almost always have above 5. All this has done has extended the time it takes for them to walk out. Changing the camps for example. I think its also important to understand that people who want PVP are not the same as people who are griefers. I for example litterally never fight new players in the graveyard but the moment I mention a complaint about this change I am labled a griefer. Despite only PVPing in sections of the map Id say are appropriate to fight in (sewers, bandit camps, dungeons, lawless towns and camps)

I know the MC system will eventually account for lawless locations, But im already at 25 murder counts and even with offline ive accepted ill always have above 5 MC's. The walk is only like 25 minutes as well so its really not too bad especially if you have taming and find a horse on the way. (walk to tind to horses is 10 minutes then 5 minutes riding back soi

My issue with the red priests being moved isnt about allowing griefing or pvp. Its the fact the change was made before we have player priests or a better MC system. I personally am just tired of things being balanced based on features not actaully implemented.

I think the new players dont realize what this change actually means, A lot of these people havent even gotten really funny setup or geared up and the only pvp they have experienced is ganks. But this system hurts the honest pvp players 10x more than it hurts the griefers. If anything its going to push those half and half players into being pure red players

Kirchesch 27/02/2022 - 5:36 Chiều

Dimwit logic: Uh if the fella can't go through being killed while alone by 4 semi virgins on horses and losing everything he worked for the past hours, then he would have quitted anyway

These type of people always collect exactly what they plant, in this case an empty game for them to play alone


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